Vietnam Embassy in Stockholm

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Information on international trade fairs in 2014-2015 and recommended list of Vietnamese exporters 2012-2013 (by the Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade)

1/ Information on Lifestyle fair 2015 in Viet Nam (click here).

2/ Information on Vietnam International Furniture and Home Accessories Fair 2015 (click here). 

3/  Information on international trade fairs in Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh city in 2014 (click here).

4/ Vietnam Expo 2014 (click here) and invitation to participate in Vietnam Expo 2014 (click here).

5/ List of Vietnamese Exporters recommended by Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade in 2012-2013:

- Electric cables and wires (click here).

- Electrics components (click here).

- Healthcare (click here).

- Machines and hardwares (click here).

- Pepper (click here).

- Plastic products (click here).

- Coffee bean (click here).

- Cashew nuts (click here).

- Construction materials (click here).

- Aquatic products (click here).

- Garment and textile (click here).

- Meat (click here).

- Rice (click here).

- Telephone accessories  (click here).

- Vegetables and fruits (click here).

- Rubber (click here).

- Tea (click here).

- Furniture and wood products (click here).

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