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Procedure for relinquishment of Vietnamese nationality

I- General information:

A Vietnamese citizen residing outside the territory of Vietnam may get permission to relinquish his/ her Vietnamese nationality if he/ she fulfills the requirements as to the relinquishment.
  1. Person reaching the age of 18 or more must apply separately.
  2. Child under 18 years old may apply for relinquishment of Vietnamese nationality together with the parent (father or mother) without submitting separate documents. In that case, full name, sex, date of birth, place of birth and residence of the child in question should be written into the same application of the parent. It is also requested to enclose a copy of birth certificate and three 4x6 cm photos of the child.
  3. Application for relinquishing Vietnamese nationality of a child over 15 and less than 18 must be subject to the consent of the child in question.
  4. A person requesting for relinquishment of the Vietnamese nationality may fail to get permission if he/ she applies in one of the following circumstances:
    + Performing military service;
    + Tax due or other property obligation to the State;
    + Being prosecuted for criminal offenses;
    + Executing a court's verdict.

If the relinquishing of Vietnamese nationality endangers national security, permission to relinquish Vietnamese nationality will not be granted.
After receiving requested documents, the Consular Section of the Embassy will consider whether the documents are sufficient and in order or not.
Complete records will be forwarded to the competent authorities of Vietnam for further consideration, at the same time, the applicant will be granted a certificate of applying for the relinquishing. Otherwise, the applicant is requested to supplement with more information or/and document(s).

II- Procedure for relinquishment of Vietnamese nationality:

Applicants are requested to submit to the Consular Section of the Vietnamese Embassy the following documents :

  1. Three properly filled application forms
    (click here to download the form).
  2. Three forms of the applicant's Curriculum Vitae.
    (click here to download the form).
  3. Three copies of the applicant's birth certificate isued by Vietnamese local authorities.
  4. Three photocopies of Passport or Travel Document (only first pages consisting of Passport number, date of issue, date of expiry, issuing authority, photo, full name, birth day...).
  5. Three copies of decision or certificate by competent authorities of the country where the applicant is residing showing that he/she has been a citizen of the country or will acquire the country's nationality once an official decision on relinquishment of Vietnamese nationality is granted.
  6. The applicant's six recent 4x6 photos which are sticked into the application forms and Curriculum Vitaes.


  • The applicant who has lost the Vietnamese birth certificate may send any of the following documents issued by Vietnamese authorities instead: marriage certificate, old I.D. card or a certificate by the People's Committee/ the police of Ward, Village or District.
  • All persons born abroad and children under 18 who were born in Vietnam, but has lost the original birth certificate may send birth certificates issued by the local authorities of the resident country.
  • Child over 15 and less than 18 applying for relinquishing together with parent must sign the application of his/her parent.
  • Mẫu đơn được thể hiện dưới dạng văn bản pdf. Muốn mở được dạng văn bản này cần cài đặt chương trình Acrobat Reader.

III- The official decision on relinquishment of Vietnamese nationality:

Based on a general decision by the President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam on the renouncement of Vietnamese nationality in the form of a list persons, the Embassy of Vietnam will grant official certificates of the relinquishing for persons on the list.

Generally, it will take the applicant some one year to get an official decision on relinquishment of nationality from Vietnamese authorities since all the requested documents in order arrive at the Embassy.

IV- Visa fee payment:

Visa fee should be paid in Swedish kronor in cash, check or post giro.
For more information, please contact the Chancery of the Embassy

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